Society of Galactic Exploration

$SGE is a foundational ERC-20 token that will offer investors the opportunity to explore deep space as we soar to new heights. The intense gravity of your wallet will pull in millions or billions of tokens through our 3% redistribution rate. The longer you hold, the more it grows!


A Cryptocurrency that Celebrates Space Exploration

SGE is a foundational ERC20 token that was developed to celebrate and encourage space exploration amongst the masses.

THE SGE STARSEAS NFT PLATFORM will enable space, science, and technology enthusiasts to share their developments and creativity with the public.

THE SGE MOBILE APP will bridge the gap between space exploration and society.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY will allow investors to control remote telescopes from the SGE mobile app.


$SGE App

Our mobile app is under development and already past the first major stage. The first prototype will run as a web application using our very own Celestron telescope and it will be available for early investors before Q1 2022.

NFT Platform

SGE has set up the servers and handed over the keys to Erience Solutions. They will be developing our NFT platform over the next month. The SGE NFT platform will auto inject 5% of the Ethereum from all sales into the liquidity pool.

Large Community

SGE has over 6,000 investors and community members who back a 100% success driven fully doxxed team.

Supply Burned

SGE has burned 40% of supply, or 40T tokens on launch. This is to gain the community's trust.


Pack your bags with $SGE token today!


Allocation of 5% Marketing Funds/ Dev Tax

30% Liquidity

In order to maintain a stable price, tokens need liquidity. That's why we put back into our liquidity pool.

20% Marketing

Our goal is to attract as many investors & community members to make our space mission a reality.

50% Development

Half of the dev tax goes to the development of our NFT platform & app and amazing websites like this.


May '21

Achieve 5000+ holders, Bitmart listing, (May 27th), Coingecko, Begin development off the SGE NFT platform, Partnership with Down Under Observatory

June '21

Launch SGE Blockchain Services, CoinMarketCap Listing, Listing on Hotbit

July '21

Begin development of the SGE Exchange

August '21

Launch the first SGE observatory outpost, Begin debugging the NFT platform

September '21

Launch the final version of the SGE NFT platform; Starseas, Rebrand the SGE website, Expand all socials, Create the SGE DAO

October '21

Expand the in-house development team and launch the exchange

November '21

Launch the first version of the SGE remote telescope application

December '21

SGE will launch a hardware wallet into space containing SGE tokens. Join SGE at the Base 11 Space Challenge on December 31st to watch us make history with the Space Concordia Team.

Want to learn MORE?

Read our whitepaper and let us know what you think!


The most driven team in crypto

Roger Malcolm


Zoe Frantzeskakis


Christoper Panneflek


Jake Beischlag



Why did you change to $SGE? Should I still buy $SOGE?

$SGE was initially launched as $SOGE back in April. At the time, our community requested a large sum of tokens to be burned to the public Vitalik Buterin burn address. The address was publicly known as a place to burn tokens safely. Fast forward to May and you will find articles about Vitalik selling tokens that were sent to his wallet address. In response, the $SGE team reacted quickly and air dropped the community a new token that is safe from Vitalik and better resembles our brand.

How do you purchase $SGE?

To learn how to purchase $SGE, please visit the following web address:

Does SGE have a telegram support team?

NO! $SGE does not have a Telegram support team and we will never DM you first. Always consult with an official admin in the chat about these situations and never give away your seed phrase or connect to suspicious links on Telegram.

Will I be able to use the old $SOGE on the mobile app?

Our development team has decided we will allow $SOGE to be used on the mobile app to purchase time for controlling the remote telescopes. However, the $SOGE will have a rate that is 10 times the amount in $SGE. This will allow us to further encourage the transition to our new token, and prevent others from buying the outdated token. The $SOGE / unit of time ratio is subject to change and the tokens will be sent to a burn address over time.